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Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps Mod APK v1.2.51.0620 [Remove ads/Unlocked/VIP/Mod speed]

Updated On Jun 22, 2024
Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps وزارة الدفاع APK هو تطبيق Android معدل مع Remove ads/Unlocked/VIP/Mod speed سمات. Notepad, Color Notes, Notebook, Note taking apps, Memo, Goodnotes, Sticky notes
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Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps
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Remove ads/Unlocked/VIP/Mod speed
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Want free note-taking apps to take notes and memo?
Want sticky notes widget with colorful notepad themes?
Want free goodnotes app to take good notes?
Then, this notepad free, memo, notebook app is exactly what you need for taking notes, checklists and sticky notes anywhere

⭐ Easy Notes - Notebook, Notepad ⭐ is a free note-taking app for making good notes. With this easy notebook and notepad app, take quick & good notes with colorful backgrounds and checklists to organize notes and tasks easily. Use this note taker and aesthetic notes to add photos or audio to your sticky notes. Easy Notes, good note-taking apps and digital notebook free for organizing notes, memo, checklists, and sticky notes.

Easy Notes Features
Notepad free and notebook free for note-taking apps
Photo notes, voice memos, sticky notes widget
Pin memos, notes and view them with notes widget
Sort notes by time, search notes quickly
Organize notes by color, category, tags
Save notes automatically when taking notes
Take checklist and memo with calendar
✍️ Draw in this note-taking apps with pens and templates
⬆️ Cloud sync and local backup to keep notes safe
Set up notes reminders in notepad & notebook
Calendar notes writer for good note taker
Lock notes and keep notes private
Make color sticky notes on tablet and phone
Sticky notes free and view notebook by sticky notes widget

Good Note Taking Apps
Easy Notes - Notepad Free, Notebook, Notas, Free Notes App is a good note taking app for notebooks. Make shopping lists or checklists with this simple notepad free and note taking apps.

Notepad free with Good Notes Widget
Take notes, view notes, and check memos with this good notes taking app. Display notes by list or grid in notebooks. Pin key notes or memos at the top is available in notes writer and note pad. Sticky notes on homepage for quick view.

Personalize Notetaking with Colors
Easy Notes - Notepad Free, Notes Writers, Notebook, Notes App is a good note widget app that supports color notes. Take notes with different note colors and awesome note themes. Easy Notes writer customizes notebook with different themes. Choose notes themes in this note taking apps and make your notepad more organized!

Notes Category and Memo
Make notes for school, work, or other usage scenarios. This easy note pad, note-taking app, free notebooks help you categorize notes into different tabs. Manage your notes more efficiently and easily.

Manage Notes with Category
This note taking app is easy to take school notes, book notes, text notes, work memo, and stick notes widget. Hand-drawn to help you customize your note taking apps.

Calendar Notes and Notepad
Use this note pad to view your memos and quick notes in calendar mode. Note taking apps help to write notes, memos or organize notes in the form of a calendar. In a word, you can noteit anytime and anywhere.

Local Backup and Cloud Sync
Easy Notes can sync notes between tablet and phone through Google Drive. Never worry about losing notes and memo. Easy to share notes, image, and voice memo to others.

Reminder for Notebook Free
The free memo notes app allows you to set reminders for notebooks. Schedule your time and don't miss important notes. Well organized with this notebook free.

Keep Notes Safe
Lock notepad helps keep notes private with passwords. Note writer with locker protect one note pad or the entire notes category to keep all notebook app safe.

Sticky Notes Widget
Sticky notes widget helps quick access to notepad. Easy to add sticky note widget with various color sticky notes widget themes. Access your free sticky notes on homepage. Customize sticky notes widget to help you work better, note pad also available on tablet.

Any issues, mail us via [email protected]
Thank you for using Notepad, Notebook, Note-taking apps, Free Note widget App.

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ما هو الجديد؟

⭐ Discover an effortless note-taking experience
⭐ Personalize your sticky notes with vibrant colors
⭐ Enhance your notes with images and text
⭐ Stay organized with easy-to-create to-do and shopping lists
⭐ Capture your thoughts instantly, wherever you are

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  • Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Easy Notes - Note Taking Apps Mod لقطات الشاشة