Hamster Inn Mod Apk

Hamster Inn Mod APK v1.1.1 [Unlimited money]

Updated On May 23, 2024
Hamster Inn وزارة الدفاع APK 1.1.1 هو تطبيق Android معدل مع Unlimited money سمات. Relax and care for adorable hamsters in this cute hotel management & care game.
اسم التطبيق
Hamster Inn
اسم الحزمة
ميزات التعديل
Unlimited money
164.99 MB
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Get rewards without advertising
مراجعة التطبيق

Hotel management when you're an adorable, tiny hamster is no easy task. But somebody's gotta squeak'n do it! Open the world's very first Hamster Inn and serve all sorts of cute animal guests.

Upgrade and decorate your hotel as you provide 5-star service! With each new room, a flurry of whiskered guests eagerly await your service. Ensure their comfort, upgrade your inn, and witness a cascade of delightful moments in this vibrant inn kawaii game & management sim!

Welcome Your Furry Guests

- Host a variety of guests: From the traveling hamster musician to the business-hamster-on-the-go, each guest is unique and eager for your attentive service.
- Keep your guests happy and earn reputation points. The better your service, the more guests will want to check in!
- React quickly to the needs of your tiny patrons to ensure a steady flow of new guests, keeping your inn bustling and lively.

Upgrade & Design Your Inn

- Begin with a humble inn and expand to a luxurious hamster haven with a variety of rooms and services.
- Decorate with style: Choose from countless furniture and decoration items to give your inn a unique touch.
- Employ skilled staff from the hamster world, from the meticulous cleaner to the skilled chef, ensuring the utmost comfort for your guests.
- As your reputation grows, unlock new rooms and features to enhance your inn's charm.

Collect Adorable Decorations & Items

- Engage in a delightful hunt to collect unique items that give your inn a personal touch.
- From classical paintings to modern décor, make your inn a reflection of your style and flair.
- Show off your collection to friends and fellow innkeepers. Let your creativity shine and be the talk of the hamster world!

Delight in Hamster Moments

- Witness countless adorable moments as hamsters enjoy their stay, from a relaxing nap in a cozy bed to enjoying a gourmet meal.
- Capture these moments with your camera and preserve memories of your furry friends.
- Engage in delightful interactions with your guests, understanding their unique stories and backgrounds.

Idle & Relax

- Settle into the rhythm of managing your inn, letting the adorable antics of your guests melt your stress away.
- With soothing music and vibrant animations, Hamster Inn is your perfect escape to a world of charm and relaxation.
- Perfect for those seeking a calming game with a touch of strategy and a whole lot of cuteness!

So, are you ready to dive into the world of whiskers, tiny paws, and cozy inns? Your delightful journey as an innkeeper awaits. Welcome to Hamster Inn, where every day is an adorable adventure!

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ما هو الجديد؟

Pride month is almost here and the hamster staff couldn't be more excited. Be sure to check out exclusive new themes available all month long!

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  • Hamster Inn Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Hamster Inn Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Hamster Inn Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Hamster Inn Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Hamster Inn Mod لقطات الشاشة