Epic Apes: MMO Survival Mod Apk

Epic Apes: MMO Survival Mod APK v1.1.2463 [Remove ads/Mod speed]

Updated On Apr 11, 2024
Epic Apes: MMO Survival وزارة الدفاع APK 1.1.2463 هو تطبيق Android معدل مع Remove ads/Mod speed سمات. Explore the world of apes in the epic survival action game
اسم التطبيق
Epic Apes: MMO Survival
ميزات التعديل
Remove ads/Mod speed
Brickworks Games Ltd
142.49 MB
معلومات وزارة الدفاع:
Speed Hack,No Ads
مراجعة التطبيق

Explore an open multiplayer monkey city of Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG, where humans have never existed! Try to survive in the vice city of Apetown. Form gangs, go on PVP with other monkeys, and be the last fighter standing in the crazy world.

Are you brave enough to set off on an adventure and earn rewards?

Monkey Simulator

• Take on the role of a civilized monkey.
• In this open world, your species is the pinnacle of evolution.
• Customize your appearance to stand out in a crazy multiplayer monkey city.
• Become an epic street hero, but don't get too cocky!

Build your shelter

• Build and equip your house: lots of useful items and decor to make your shelter more comfortable.
• Study new blueprints as you level up your character.
• Find valuable resources and use them to create cool guns and gear. Use any possible means to survive and get ahead.


• Explore Apepire, a city of vice and madness, where the streets are home to a monkey mafia. You're sure to have fun!
• Get to know the citizens of Apepire, the harsh world, and the habits of the locals.
• Find all the Easter eggs and secrets in this open world full of Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG.
• Travel across the map to find multiplayer adventures for every taste.
• Get in a fight with the cruelest street gangs.
• Show the monkey city who's the most epic of all!

PvP Arena

• Jump into cool PvP action in the Arena of Champions warzone!
• Get into fights with other monkeys, only one has to survive.
• Gain points and exchange them for epic rewards: guns, grenades and other useful stuff.
• Want to make your gang the coolest in Apepire? Gather some friends and show everyone your weapon collection in PVP. Remember to bring grenades and guns!

PVP and PVE Survival

• Want to play Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG with your friends? It's simple. Make a clan of monkeys and feel like members of a real street mafia.
• Name your monkey city gang and plan your strategy in the chat.
• Explore PVE locations and level up in multiplayer mode. Dangerous enemies and bosses won't give up their loot that easily.

NOTE: This game requires an internet connection.

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Instagram: instagram.com/epicapesbwg

The world of Epic Apes: MMO Survival RPG is waiting for anyone who loves having PvP fun. Try to survive in this monkey simulator!

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ما هو الجديد؟

– Improved a few game mechanics, fixed various bugs and issues.

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  • Epic Apes: MMO Survival Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Epic Apes: MMO Survival Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Epic Apes: MMO Survival Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Epic Apes: MMO Survival Mod لقطات الشاشة
  • Epic Apes: MMO Survival Mod لقطات الشاشة